Our Values

To unite us, Trans Rally endorses the following values:

Transgender people’s rights are in danger all over the world. Some people are trying to take away the laws that protect them, and some are even trying to pass laws to hurt or harm transgender people.

We come together to protect and support transgender people and their friends who stand with them.

Each of us has our own special identities that make us who we are. Sometimes, these identities overlap or are different from others, like if someone is from another country. It’s good to appreciate how we’re all unique in our own ways.

Right now, in the United States and around the world, some people are treated unfairly because of the color of their skin, especially if their skin is darker. This is not fair, and that’s why we support movements like Black Lives Matter. Oppressive systems exist, and we want to help change them.

We think that people should be able to make choices for themselves. Every adult should have the freedom to have romantic relationships with other adults, get married to whoever they want, get a divorce if they need to, and be in control of their own bodies. The most important thing is that consent exists.

This also means that people can decide to follow certain personal rules based on their religion, culture, or personal ideas, but they can’t make others follow these personal rules if they don’t want to.

We recognize that every person has value. As such, we strive to treat everyone with the kindness they deserve as humans.

We prefer to spend our energy creatively instead of destructively, lifting up our community rather than trying to shame people who have no shame.

Every action has a reaction, and it is our responsibility to understand the consequences of the actions we take. Energy and resources are limited and we have a duty to be efficient to limit waste.

Because we all share these values, we will strive to each other personally and professionally in order to strengthen our bonds of fellowship.