Our Statement of Beliefs should not be considered a partisan document. We believe that this statement should not be tied to any political party; it is a statement of human rights.

Statement of Beliefs

In order to establish a commonality of interest, we as members of Trans Rally endorse the following statement of beliefs:

  1. We believe trans rights are human rights.

    Trans rights are under attack around the world. There are efforts to reduce or eliminate legal protections for those who are transgender. In addition to eliminating protections, there are those that seek to damage or destroy those who are transgender.

    We stand together in defense, seeking to advance the interests and protections, of those who are transgender and allies.


  2. We believe in the intersectionality of identities and celebrate our differences.

    Each of our unique and overlapping identities color our experience of the world. For example, someone who grew up in another culture may experience the world through another lens and we ought to celebrate our differences as much as our commonalities.

    In the United States today and throughout the world, racial identity–specifically the darkness of one’s skin–is a hindrance to many rather than an asset as it should be. As such, we are in support of movements like the Black Lives Matter movement. Systemic racism exists; it’s a fact.

    We seek to support those who work to dismantle systems of oppression.


  3. We believe that everyone has the right to bodily autonomy and self determination, which includes choosing who we decide to love.

    We believe that people have the power to determine what is best for themselves. Every adult should have the right to have sexual or romantic relationships with any other adult they want to; marry any other adult they want to; divorce someone for any reason; and fully control the destiny of their own body. Consent is everything.

    Included in this right to self determination: anyone may also decide to consensually place restrictions on what they choose to do depending on their religious, cultural, or personal beliefs. But any person has inherent rights to exercise independence, and they may not force others through legal or extralegal methods to conform to their particular world beliefs.

    We will make efforts to support individuals and organizations that advance the freedoms of individual choice listed above.


  4. We recognize the dignity and worth of humanity inherent in each individual.

    We strive to treat everyone–supporters, detractors and neutral third parties–with the kindness they deserve as humans.


  5. We believe in evidence-based decision making.

    Every action has a reaction, and it is our responsibility to understand the consequences of the actions we take. Commitment to the measurability of impact is essential to be good stewards of our community’s time, talent and treasure.

    We seek to minimize harm and maximize impact with the actions we take, and we will support organizations that have similar goals.

  6. As a family, we are stronger together.

    Because our Members share our beliefs through this Statement, we will strive to give priority to business interactions between Trans Rally members in order to strengthen the bonds of fellowship between Members.

In the future, Members will have the ability to propose changes to this Statement of Beliefs.


Please direct your edits and suggestions to our public Google Doc.